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  • DSK Rodina
    s account Insurance another insurer Rights of insured Tax relieves VPF Rules and Regulations Charges Management licence VPF under Occupational Schemes Management licence Mangagement Licence Investment intermediaries ING Bank NV Sofia Branch Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria EAD UniCredit Bulbank AD Aval In AD First Financial Brokerage House OOD Custodian bank of UPF DSK Rodina is CB Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD Data on UPF court registration Sofia City Court Company File No 12575
    http://www.dskrodina.bg/page/default.aspx?xml_id=/en-US/voluntaries/voluntary/decision/ (2012-07-07)

  • DSK Rodina
    the management of a Voluntary Pension Fund under Occupational Schemes As at 30 April 2008 FSC has granted a licence for this new product on voluntary pension insurance to only two of the existing ten PICs Mostly employers will be able to benefit from the new Fund by paying contributions for a supplementary pension to their workers and employees A Collective Agreement needs to be concluded or texts to be
    http://www.dskrodina.bg/page/default.aspx?xml_id=/en-US/voluntaries/VPFOS/ (2012-07-07)

  • DSK Rodina
    of its capital is DSK Bank EAD part of the international financial group OTP About DSK Bank EAD group OTP Bank has been the sole owner of the share capital DSK Bank EAD since October 2003 It is the main company in the largest financial institution in Hungary OTP Group which operates in 9 countries in Central and Eastern Europe Through the wide territorial branch network of DSK Bank the
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  • DSK Rodina
    Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology It is licenced by Decision No 1 of 21 September 2000 of the Council for Supplementary Social Insurance for performing activities on supplementary social insurance By virtue of this license PIC DSK Rodina AD has registered a Voluntary Pension Fund an Occupational Pension Fund and an Universal Pension Fund In 2007 the Company registered a Voluntary Pension Fund under Occupational Schemes DSK Rodina At
    http://www.dskrodina.bg/page/default.aspx?xml_id=/en-US/about/history/ (2012-07-07)

  • DSK Rodina
    Shareholders Financial statements Managing bodies Intermediaries Contacts Documents News Shareholders DSK Bank 99 75 Other 0 25 Check of individual accounts Pension and tax calculators Documents Contacts Terms and policy
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  • DSK Rodina
    Financial statements of PIC DSK Rodina AD and the managed thereby Funds for the year ended 31 December 2003 PIC UPF VPF OPF Financial statements of PIC DSK Rodina AD and the managed thereby Funds for the year ended 31 December 2002 PIC UPF VPF OPF The General Meeting of Shareholders held on 24 March 2008 took a decision to accept the proposal of the Management Board of the Company
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  • DSK Rodina
    Management Board Council of Trustees Management Consultative Council Intermediaries Contacts Documents News Managing bodies PIC DSK Rodina AD operates as a joint stock company with a two tier managing system Supervisory Board and Management Board Check of individual accounts Pension
    http://www.dskrodina.bg/page/default.aspx?xml_id=/en-US/about/authorities/ (2012-07-07)

  • DSK Rodina
    contribution for voluntary pension insurance Investment yield 6 7 8 9 Calculate The calculations are valid in case of opened individual account in VPF and in case of withdrawing sums from VPF after insurance event Information is just for example
    http://www.dskrodina.bg/Page/default.aspx?user_id=&session_id=&xml_id=/en-US/.Calculators/TaxesCalc (2012-07-07)